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7 Nutrition

Potassium Citrate

Potassium Citrate

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7Nutrition Potassium Citrate is a dietary supplement, which is a highly absorbable source of potassium – an essential mineral component of all organisms. Symptoms of potassium deficiency are, muscle cramps, high pressure, irritability and nervousness, fatigue and swelling of the lower and upper limbs.

Benefits of using 7Nutrition Potassium Citrate:

- has a positive effect on the body's water management,

- supports the proper functioning of the heart, maintains proper pressure
- has a positive effect on concentration
- supports in the fight against stones formed from uric acid gradually dissolving them,
prevents the formation of urate deposits in the urinary tract

Potassium is the third most common mineral in the body after calcium and phosphorus. Together with sodium and chlorine, it maintains electrolyte balance and pH level, regulates heart rate and blood pressure. Regular consumption reduces the occurrence of atherosclerosis and heart problems and hypertension.

Potassium citrate, the main component of 7Nutrition Potassium Citrate – these are minerals in the form of a natural organic compound that provide many times better absorption of mineral ions than inorganic forms such as carbonates, sulfates or phosphates, which break down in stomach acids.

7Nutrition Potassium Citrate is recommended in particular for people who care about proper blood pressure, heart, muscles and nervous system, consume large amounts of salted dishes, live under stress, perform intense physical or mental effort.

7Nutrition Potassium Citrate is a dietary supplement in capsules, intended for both professional athletes and amateur athletes.

Recommended intake: Take 1 capsule 1 time per day after a meal

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