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BPC 157 30 Caps
Supercharged recuperation, Accelerated healing

Our body protection compound is a modern dietary supplement containing the BCP 157. BPC-157 is a peptide applicable to heal injuries more quickly, to keep the body in an anabolic state, and to stave off central nervous system fatigue during long exercise sessions. Injuries are an inherent part of sports. BCP 157 is the ultimate solution to repair tendons, muscles, intestines, teeth, and bones in a way that rivals conventional surgical methods.

- Huge dosage of 300mcg of BPC in arginine salt form
- Addition of D-mannitol in 300mg per capsule to help with absorption and to overcome the blood/brain barrier.
- HALF YEAR OF DEVELOPMENT of this diamond keeping the highest safety standards.
- Carbon footprint minimized to lowest possible level by sustainable supply chain.
- Fully transparent track of sources and production available for our trade partners.
- Developed by specialists from 3 countries.

BPC 157 is one of the most advanced agents regenerating our body: injuries, supporting general conditions of intestines. Also supports your immunity.

Benefits of using BPC-157:
- Accelerates wound healing
- Support for the regeneration of the locomotor apparatus
- Works within days
- Support for the regeneration of the digestive system
- Free of side effects
- Heal skin buns
- Prevent stomach ulcers

Ingredients 1 cap: 300mcg BPC 157, 300mg D-mannitol.

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