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Some people may think that virtually any pre-workout will give them similar results. However, those with more experience know that this is different. Some nutrients of this type have a much higher potential for action, so that they can provide much more noticeable effects. A perfect example of this is the Chaotic Extreme Pre-Workout pre-workout from One.

The very name of this product reveals that its purpose is genuinely extreme action. It’s all thanks to a powerful blend of stimulating and invigorating compounds. Thanks to this, even the most excellent fatigue will no longer be an obstacle to performing another planned workout. Chaotic Extreme Pre-Workout is a product designed for those who want to have a potent booster and use it in moments of lack of energy.

Of course, the formulation also includes compounds typical of pre-workout supplements, which will help you achieve better sports results.

Here is the complete list of active ingredients contained in Chaotic Extreme Pre-Workout:

– Citrulline – a high level of perceived energy will certainly help you perform a solid training unit, which will result, among other things, in an intense muscle pump. It is worth taking citrulline just before training to increase its intensity further. This compound can effectively intensify the muscle pump and, at the same time, increase muscular endurance.

– Beta-alanine – To increase endurance, beta-alanine will be an ideal supplement for citrulline. This is an amino acid with extremely beneficial effects on endurance and recovery. Beta-alanine can improve performance and help you perform even the most challenging training units. For this reason, it is trendy among athletes engaged in numerous activities.

– Creatine – A good pre-workout can have creatine, an essential supplement for strength trainers who care about cranking up anabolism. The effect of creatine is invaluable when consistently increasing strength results, so all gym-goers should use it.

– Yohim HCL – yohim is one of those substances that have gained enormous popularity in the dietary supplement market in recent years. This popularity is due to the unique properties of this compound. On the one hand, yohim has a stimulating effect on the body and, at the same time, improves its metabolism, which helps burn calories. On the other hand, it can further increase libido and enhance sexual performance.

– Taurine – Taurine has many benefits, as its supplementation can, for example, benefit metabolism and reduce the body’s susceptibility to stress. However, other properties come to the fore when it comes to its use in sports supplementation. Well, taurine can also improve creatine transport into muscle fibres and thus inhibit catabolic processes. Therefore, its supplementation will allow you to get the maximum benefit from performing specific workouts.


For maximum stimulation effect during training, the manufacturer recommends using one scoop of the product (about 13 g) about 30 minutes before the scheduled start of exercise.

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