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DNFM! New Pre-Workout Stim 

Now Available in 3 flavours - Apple Sourz, Candy, and Sour Cherry 

Their strongest-ever pre-workout...By a long way!

This one is only for those who enjoy a heavy stim before their workout,

We have combined all 3 of the strongest stims on the market right now: juniper berry, kigelia, and juglans. We are the only stim on the market using all 3, so be warned & use carefully!

Start with just 1 scoop, before moving to 1 and half, and then only 2 scoops if you can tolerate it, or if you are used to taking high stim pre-workouts.

We advise not taking this after 5 pm or you simply will not sleep, If you train in the evening, we advise Pumpage plus a very weak coffee as your pre-workout of choice.

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