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Jacked & Sexy

Jacked & Sexy

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Most people at the gym aim to build as much muscle mass as possible. However, even very developed muscles will not look impressive when covered by a solid layer of fat. Therefore, over time it becomes necessary to switch to so-called reduction when an apparent caloric deficit is introduced into the diet. This, combined with appropriately selected training, is supposed to make it possible to burn fat and expose the muscles that have been developed.

As for supplements used during reduction, thermogenic – preparations used to raise body temperature – are popular. Their action causes the body’s energy expenditure, thus significantly increasing the number of calories burned.

The advanced Core Labs Jacked & Sexy is a product that combines thermogenic properties and a unique blend of active compounds that accelerate lipid metabolism. Thus, it provides comprehensive support during the period of weight reduction. All this to, by its name – be Jacked & Sexy.

The described supplement is based on three blends. The first contains active substances to support the processes associated with weight reduction. The second is already a blend containing adaptogens, which help the body work during this demanding period. In turn, the third blend contains compounds designed to improve the assimilation of other substances.

Here are all the active ingredients included in the formulation of this supplement:

1. Methyl-Thermo Stim Energy Reactor and Metabolic Accelerator:

– Theacrine – this natural alkaloid is found in the leaves of some tea species. It has a mild stimulating effect, as it reduces perceived fatigue and, at the same time, increases motivation. At the same time, it shows positive effects on liver function.

– Green tea extract – such an extract is filled with health-promoting compounds. In it, you can find, first of all, polyphenols, that is, compounds that exert a powerful antioxidant effect. One of them is epigallocatechin gallate, which can additionally reduce bad cholesterol.

– Guarana extract (22% pure caffeine) – guarana contains high amounts of natural caffeine. This makes it great as a stimulant compound.

– Centrophenoxine – this compound has a pronounced nootropic effect. Centrophenoxine can improve memory, facilitate thinking and exhibit neuroprotective effects on brain cells.

– Caroline Reaper extract – Caroline Reaper bell pepper is one of the hottest peppers in the world. This is because it contains vast amounts of capsaicin, which speeds up the metabolism and thus affects the faster burning of calories.

– Trinidad Moruga Scorpion extract – a similar level of spiciness is possessed by a pepper known as Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. The combination of these two extracts, therefore, provides a substantial dose of capsaicin.

– Synephrine HCL, Methyl Synephrine HCL, and N-isopropylnorsynephrine HCL – all of these compounds act in the human body and have a stimulating effect while simultaneously accelerating the heart rate. Therefore, they can provide a stimulating effect before training.

– Methyl Hordenine HCL – hordenine is a natural alkaloid that acts as a stimulant and stimulant. Its essential feature is not only to reduce fatigue levels but also to benefit perceived mood.

– N-caffeoyl dopamine – this compound occurs naturally, for example, in cocoa beans. It increases the cellular activity of certain compounds so that it can benefit the processes related to fat burning.

– N-coumaroyldopamine – a compound with relatively similar properties., may indirectly contribute to the efficiency of processes related to fat burning.

– Hygennamine HCL – although hygennamine is a natural compound, it shows a practical stimulating effect. In studies, it has been proven to reduce perceived fatigue and affect a noticeably faster heart rate.

– Halostachin HCL – halostachin, once it enters the body, begins to stimulate processes related to synthesising epinephrine and norepinephrine. This consequently increases their levels, generating a substantial stimulation effect (especially during physical activity).

– Octopamine HCL – natural sources of octopamine include bitter orange fruit. Therefore, this compound has exciting properties. On the one hand, it combines the virtues of bitter orange, namely its thermogenic potential and its ability to support weight reduction. But on the other hand, octopamine also retains a stimulant effect.

– N-Methyl Tyramine HCL – this compound, like halostachine, can affect the synthesis of adrenaline and norepinephrine. As a result, it releases more significant amounts of energy during physical activity.

– Bell pepper extract (contains capsaicin) – This extract no longer has as much capsaicin as the Caroline Reaper and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion sections described earlier. However, it can still benefit from the synergy between these compounds.

– Yohimbine HCL and Alpha-Yohimbine HCL – Yohimbine has become a real hit recently. Athletes appreciate its stimulating properties and its positive effect on libido and fat-burning processes.

– 3’5′-Diiodo-L-Thyronine – in studies conducted, this compound significantly affected the body’s metabolism. Researchers say that in some people, it can dramatically accelerate the process of lipid oxidation and fat burning.

– Vitamin B12 – proper B vitamin levels are essential for proper metabolic processes. Therefore, vitamin B12 will be a valuable addition to supplementation.

2 Adaptogen Max:

– Rhodiola rosea extract – substances found in Rhodiola rosea have a very beneficial effect on the work of the nervous system. On the one hand, they reduce the body’s sensitivity to stress, and on the other hand, they have a calming effect.

– Mucuna Pruriens extract (contains 99.6% L-dopa) – L-dopa is an active substance found in the leaves of the described plant. It can improve brain function and thus support cognitive abilities.

– B-Phenylethylamine HCL – one of the essential features of this compound is that it can support the synthesis of many vital hormones (such as dopamine and serotonin). As a result, in some people, this form of supplementation can benefit mood enhancement.

– Alpha-GPC-choline alphoscerate leads to an increase in acetylcholine levels in the nervous system. This is beneficial because higher levels of this neurotransmitter can improve cognitive abilities (such as memory and concentration).

– Deanol – taking this compound can lead to increased alertness and help with concentration.

– Sulbutiamine is a derivative of vitamin B1, which affects brain and nervous system function. Among other things, sulbutiamine can: increase energy levels, improve mood, and have a protective effect on brain cells.

– Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B6 significantly affects so-called mental performance. This is due to two reasons. First, it participates in the synthesis of key neurotransmitters. Second, vitamin B6 facilitates the transport of certain compounds directly into the nervous system.

3. Liposomal Drug Delivery System:

– Piperine (98% of active ingredient) – piperine is the best-known active ingredient that can increase the absorption level of other compounds. Therefore, it is readily used by dietary supplement manufacturers who want to increase the effectiveness of their formulations.

– Grape seed extract – grape seeds are an excellent source of antioxidants. In addition, research suggests that it also supports maintaining proper cholesterol levels.

– Niacin USP (Vitamin B3) – Vitamin B3, or niacin, significantly affects blood pressure. Therefore, its appropriate level can increase the bioavailability of many applied active compounds by facilitating their transport to individual body cells.

– Vitamin E – Vitamin E is, in many ways, an essential compound for the health of our bodies. For example, it has a strong antioxidant effect and slows down the processes associated with cellular ageing. In addition, vitamin E supports the work of the circulatory system, especially the production of erythrocytes.

– Naringenin – this compound reduces blood pressure and, at the same time, can reduce the level of bad cholesterol and the concentration of the most unfavourable lipids.


The high effectiveness of the described capsules makes the recommended dose only one capsule per day. It should be consumed with a meal and washed with plenty of water.

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