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7 Nutrition

Jungle Girl Fat Burner

Jungle Girl Fat Burner

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Jungle Girl Burner from 7Nutrition.

Not just a fat burner.
It’s the perfect remedy for every woman.
We have developed a product that is unmatched on the market in terms of meeting women’s needs.

Fat burning 
Reduction of water under the skin 
Hair care 
Big increase in libido and sexual satisfaction 

The combination of 16 ingredients such as Garcinia Gambogia, Indian nettle (Coleus forskohlii), African mango seed extract (Irvingia gabonensis), Turner Diffus, Dandelion, Piperine, gave a thundering, proven effect. We guarantee high efficiency by increasing body thermogenesis and maximum sweating. Gaining increasing popularity, they are slowly becoming one of the most effective ingredients of the best burners.

Few women know that often their problem is not fat, but water, which accumulates under the skin forming a thick layer covering the outlines of muscles and firm body. Women are even 70% more likely to build up an unwanted thick layer – hydrated skin. The use of Dandelion allows you to effectively combat this problem. It has proven dehydrating effect and in a wonderful way after a maximum of 2 months of regular use of the product you will notice the thundering effect of thin and smooth skin that will reveal your firm body.

Horsetail extract affects the health and elasticity of the hair by improving the oxygenation of the bulbs and the blood supply to the scalp. You will be pleasantly surprised by the additional effect of shiny and smooth hair. This effect will strengthen the impression you make while caring for your figure.

And finally a surprise for every active woman.

A massive increase in sexual satisfaction and stimulation of your libido. From now on, you can combine sports activities, work on your figure with something as pleasant as possible. 200 mg of Turner Diffus Chinese herb per serving will give your sex life a new dimension.

Garcinia cambogia – is a rich source of HCA hydroxycitric acid – a substance also found in oranges and lemons, which works properly on fat metabolism, reduces appetite and blood cholesterol. Has a significant impact on thermogenesis.

Indian nettle (Coleus forskohlii): regulates the growth of muscle mass and limits fat synthesis in the cells of the so-called yellow fat, stimulates the secretion of thyroid hormones, stimulates thermogenesis, lowers blood pressure, restores the proper function of heart cells, prevents blocking of blood vessels, reduces inflammation in the body, helps in mood disorders, prevents insulin resistance.

African mango seed extract (Irvingia gabonensis): the use of mango extract supports weight loss even when the rest of the diet and overall lifestyle do not change. Of course, it is worth nevertheless to take care of the whole menu and if possible to take care of your own condition. When using supplements with an extract content, the so-called LDL “bad” cholesterol has a downward trend, while “good” (HDL) is upward. In addition, consumption of mango seed extract causes a gradual decrease in triglyceride concentration.

Turner Diffus: Otherwise Damian Herb, native to South and Central America. Damian leaves (Folium Damianae) are rich in essential oil, tannins, phytosterols and flavonoids and numerous alkaloids. Diffus Turner has already been used in Mayan medicine. Used as an aphrodisiac, it has an exciting, stimulating effect and causes better blood supply to the genitals.

No manufacturer has yet offered such a combination. We think not only about your figure, but also about your pleasure. After about 14 days of regular use of Jungle Girl Burner, you’ll notice much more energy and sexual attraction.

You will enjoy an active life, while burning fat to shape your perfect body.

Recommended intake:

Take 2 capsules twice daily with 200ml of water in the morning and before training.
On non-workout days – between meals.

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