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Koka Labz has made an impetus to enter the market as a manufacturer of dietary supplements with really high performance. Of course, such a designation probably helps build a good brand image. But, on the other hand, it’s also a liability since customers will always expect top-quality products. Fortunately, Koka Labz has no intention of slowing down its sales, and the best proof of this is a new supplement in the brand’s range.

Koka Labz Oxystim is a brand-new pre-workout that is just entering the market. So what are its most significant advantages? According to the manufacturer’s declarations, these are, first and foremost: long-lasting effects, high-quality ingredients, high content of thermogenic and the addition of appetite suppressant compounds.

In the composition of Koka Labz Oxystim pre-workout, you can find the following substances:

– L-citrulline – what compounds can’t be missing from any quality pre-workout? One of them is undoubtedly citrulline, an essential amino acid for pre-workouts. Citrulline increases the intensity of the muscle pump and, at the same time, improves muscle endurance. For this reason, with regular supplementation of citrulline, you can expect an improvement in overall performance.

– Beta-alanine – Combining citrulline with beta-alanine can provide even more significant benefits. What do these two substances have in common? Indeed, one such factor is the similar effect since beta-alanine also improves muscle endurance and performance. But equally important is that both amino above acids have the status of thoroughly researched supplements. All scientific studies have confirmed that beta-alanine and citrulline are effective and safe supplements for athletes. So it’s hardly surprising that they are so popular!

– Agmatine sulfate – Various chemical compounds are formed during arginine metabolism in the body. One is agmatine, which can be counted among naturally produced substances. So why is the idea of its external supplementation quite popular? First, some scientific studies suggest a correlation between agmatine intake and more intense testosterone and growth hormone synthesis. In addition, with proper dosage, agmatine sulfate can support the work of the heart, brain and entire muscular system.

– Alpha-GPC – the popularity of choline has become prominent in recent years. All thanks to studies attesting to its health-promoting potential. As a result, choline has become widely available as a supplement. However, of exceptionally high interest to this day is Alpha-GPC or choline alphoscerate. This compound effectively supports the brain and the entire nervous system. In addition, its characteristic feature is to increase the ability to maintain focus and concentration. For this reason, Alpha-GPC is a supplement valued by people who work mentally and athletes engaged in long-term training.

– Pink Himalayan salt – the unique Himalayan salt owes its fame not only to its unique pink colour. This is because even more important are its properties. First, it is worth noting the high content of minerals and nutrients here. Thus, such salt supplements the daily diet not only with sodium but also with valuable minerals!

– Eria Jarensis Extract – The plant known as Eria Jarensis deserves to be called a true discovery of recent years. The rate of its growing popularity best demonstrates this. Indeed, preparations containing Eria Jarensis enjoy unflagging interest. Why is this so? Indeed, the stimulating properties of this plant are essential here. Compounds included in Eria Jarensis effectively reduce perceived fatigue and, at the same time, add energy. As a result, they are valued by athletes.

– 2-aminoisoheptane (DMHA) – the popularity of plant-based stimulants came with the era of the so-called DMAA. It was a prevalent compound with powerful stimulant effects. However, over time, some countries issued new regulations to restrict or even ban the production of DMAA altogether. This, in turn, prompted supplement manufacturers to find a successor to this compound. It turned out to be 2-aminoisoheptane or DMHA. Although it doesn’t have as strong an effect, higher doses of this compound enable a reasonably similar impact. DMHA will undoubtedly work well as a source of additional energy.

– Caffeine anhydrous – Koka Labz also nods to those who prefer these traditional solutions. That’s why Oxystim’s formulation also includes anhydrous caffeine. It has a much better stimulating effect than the usual form of this compound. However, combined with DMHA – a high dose of additional energy is almost guaranteed!

– Hordenine HCL – another plant alkaloid with exciting properties is hordenine. Using it in the form of supplements provides a boosting effect. However, the benefits of this compound do not end there at all. Studies have shown that with regular supplementation, hordenine can help build physical fitness. Moreover, with aerobic exercise, hordenine additionally dilates the bronchi. Thus, it has a beneficial effect on the performance of the entire body.

– Niacin (vitamin B3) – all vitamins are essential for our health. However, athletes should pay incredibly close attention to B vitamins. Why? This can be explained only by the example of niacin or vitamin B3. Niacin supports the work of many different organs and, at the same time, participates in metabolic processes. Thus, its deficiency will result in a slowdown of these processes, which will cause a feeling of fatigue and apathy. Therefore, supplementation of niacin levels will be essential, especially during intense training.

– BioPerine™ – this patented compound is based on a unique extract from the fruit of black pepper. This is because it is worth knowing that pepper not only improves the taste of our dishes but also increases the assimilation of numerous nutrients. This is the result of the action of piperine, the active substance contained in black pepper. The BioPerine™ supplement described here contains an exceptionally high amount, improving the assimilation of nutrients even more apparent!


Beginners – one a scoop  30 minutes before training;

Advanced individuals – two scoops 30 min before training.


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