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Trained By JP

Performance Protein

Performance Protein

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Trained by JP Nutrition Performance Protein is a fantastic whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate blend created to be taken to support and increase daily protein intake. There is 21g per 30g in this protein, only the highest quality ingredients have been used to create this amazing why isolate and whey concentrate protein. This is so convenient for athletes, bodybuilders and anyone that does a lot of exercise as it can be used before a workout, after or just throughout the day to increase your protein intake. For larger individuals, 2 servings may need to be consumed to meet your daily protein requirements. We believe this to be most effective at 1g per pound of body weight. For example, if you weigh 140 lbs, consuming 140g of protein spread across the day will see the most optimal approach to recovery, fat loss and physique progress. This could be achieved in 4 meals of 30g of protein and 1 meal of 20g. When wanting to build muscle, research has shown that consuming 20g of protein per meal will help in achieving that goal. This is why Trained By JP Performance Protein recommend having a serving of protein as a fast meal alternative if needed. Indulge in the amazing flavour options that will give you that "cheat" day feeling without the guilt, and with all the protein!  



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