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Sea Moss Capsules

Sea Moss Capsules

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One Life Foods® Irish Sea Moss & Bladderwrack capsules use only the finest Irish moss and Bladderwrack wildcrafted from the "Wild Atlantic Way" coast lines of Ireland. We chose capsules over bulk moss because they are ready to take and have a higher bioavailability than gels.

Sustainably harvested off the West coast of Ireland by the same family for generations…. 

The farming family we buy our sea moss and Bladderwrack from understand the importance of seaweeds for marine life. They adopt an ecosystem approach, promoting conservation and sustainable use in an equitable way. 

Irish Sea moss (Chondrus crispus) is the “original” sea moss. It only grows for a short period throughout the year, limiting how much people can harvest. For this reason, it’s much more expensive than other species of sea moss found in tropical waters, where it grows all year round. 

Sea moss sourced from Jamaica or other tropical locales may be called Irish moss but it is not Chondrus; it most likely comes from a related genus known as Gracilaria, which has a worldwide distribution. There are about 190 Gracilaria species, but only about two dozen are used by humans as food or medicine.

The sea moss we source is true “wildcrafted” unlike the majority of sea moss currently on the market. Data shows 97% of the global seaweed supply comes from farms - many of these are located in Southeast Asia. Therefore, the majority of “wildcrafted” sea moss is NOT wildcrafted, and in some cases not even from the region brands are claiming it’s from. Chondrus can also be farmed, but for the most part this hasn’t been profitable and most Chondrus is wild-crafted.

60 Capsules 

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