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The idea that weight loss must be difficult and time-consuming has become firmly entrenched in our consciousness. Indeed, the struggle with the excess weight requires a strong will and determination. However, this does not mean that the process cannot be made more accessible. Just reach for the new Stimulean preparation from Metabolic Nutrition.

Stimulean capsules work on two fundamental levels. First of all, they facilitate the fight against excess weight by intensifying processes associated with fat burning. However, equally important is their stimulating effect on the nervous system. Thanks to this, you can avoid the chronic feeling of fatigue that sometimes occurs during weight reduction.

The composition of Stimulean capsules includes primarily:

– Vitamins B3, B6, and B12 – vitamins are vital substances for our bodies. However, their role may be quite different. For example, B vitamins are responsible for several metabolic processes, so their deficiency often causes fatigue. Therefore, taking care of a sufficiently high supply of such vitamins is very important during weight reduction.

– Chromium – dieticians and doctors still debate whether chromium supplementation should be more widely recommended. However, there is no doubt that this element will be essential for people planning to lose a few kilos. This is because chromium supports the production of digestive enzymes, thanks to which it may also indirectly accelerate metabolism. Moreover, this element helps to maintain appropriate blood sugar levels.

– Caffeine anhydrous – intensive work of scientists in recent years led them to prove stimulating properties of many new compounds. Nevertheless, the title of the king of stimulants still belongs to caffeine. Many athletes declare that a bit of black or an energy drink is a regular part of their training preparations. However, Metabolic Nutrition has opted for a more practical solution, as it has enriched its capsules with anhydrous caffeine. This compound is absorbed very quickly and thus provides instant effects.

– Theacrine – the search mentioned above for alternatives to caffeine led, among others, to the popularisation of theacrine. This natural alkaloid is similar to caffeine in many ways. However, there are also interesting differences between these substances. One of them is the long duration of action and fewer side effects when using theacrine. Combining this compound with caffeine will provide an even more noticeable boost.

– Bitter orange fruit extract – valuable alkaloids are also found in bitter orange fruit. Their action is based on several mechanisms, but the most well-known property, in this case, is their high thermogenic potential. A higher body temperature facilitates fat burning and stimulates the nervous system at the same time. No wonder then that an extract containing such alkaloids had to be found in Stimulean capsules.

– Indian nettle extract (standardized to at least 20% forskolin content) – inconspicuous leaves of Indian nettle hide forskolin, a compound that may help burn unwanted kilograms. This conclusion was reached by scientists studying the effects of this substance on the human body. This makes Indian nettle extract another natural ingredient that supports weight loss.

– Madagascar Aframone Seed Extract (Grains of Paradise) – although Madagascar Aframone seeds are often used as a spice, their medicinal properties should be of equal interest. In a study, researchers have shown that they can reduce levels of stored body fat. In addition, we are consuming them immediately before a workout will intensify the body’s thermogenesis and thus increase the number of calories burned.

– Hot pepper extract – not so long ago, capsaicin was suspected of causing stomach ulcers, among other things. However, more thorough research has confirmed that it has a health-promoting effect. Therefore, hot peppers and the capsaicin they contain are back in favour. In addition, it is now known that regular consumption of capsaicin supports weight loss. This is, of course, due to its thermogenic properties, although some reports also speak of the positive effect of capsaicin on metabolism.

– Black pepper extract – piperine, an active substance in black pepper seeds, works on a similar principle. However, it is worth mentioning one more important property of piperine. Namely, it may increase the assimilability of certain nutrients. This is why piperine should be included in the composition of all quality dietary supplements.

– Yohimbine HCL – there is a reason why the African tree known as Yohimbe medicinalis has quickly attracted the attention of hundreds of researchers. It turned out that yohimbine, the compound contained in its bark and leaves, has a vast health-promoting potential. It concerns mainly fat burning because yohimbine stimulates the synthesis of adrenaline and noradrenaline. Both of these hormones increase the body’s exercise capacity, which undoubtedly helps fight against excess weight.

– Huperzine A – contained in the leaves of Huperzia Serrata, huperzine A is a compound with a strong nootropic effect. This substance is said to increase cognitive abilities with a particular emphasis on concentration significantly. There are also studies reporting its positive impact on memory. Thus, supplementation with huperzine during weight loss may help to improve mental abilities.


The recommended dosage regimen for Stimulean capsules depends mainly on individual needs. Persons beginning such supplementation should limit themselves to taking one capsule per day. The capsule should be taken after a meal with plenty of water. Only when an increase in tolerance is observed can the daily dose be increased to two capsules.

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