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Sustain is our intra-workout / intra-event carbohydrate powder designed for the elite athlete.

We use patented raws for our hydration-aiding amino, in the CocoMineral and added glycerol and pink salt for further hydration benefits 

For our carbohydrate source, we have utilised a tri-carb blend, consisting of patented Vitargo ( barley starch), patented cyclic dextrin and Fructose Powder.

The goal here is to increase the efficiency of carbohydrate uptake, which is achieved to a greater extent when combining sources in the manner we have with Sustain.

We highly advise Sustain to be sipped across a training session and taken separately to your MPS Max or essential aminos. We also advise consuming Sustain in at least 750ml of water per serving, 1 liter per 2 servings.

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