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Everyone may have their approach to sports. For some, physical activity is just a form of recreation and a beneficial way to spend leisure time. However, for others, sports are an essential part of life. Such people always want to give 100% of themselves and get the best possible results. It is with them in mind that the Wunderwaffe World War Edition pre-workout was created.

Ongoing war events inspire the design of this product. As for its composition, on the other hand, the manufacturer makes it clear that it is aimed at demanding individuals. This is fully understood when we look at the list of active ingredients. The Wunderwaffe World War Edition pre-workout contains high doses of compounds with a high action potential. Notably, it has potent stimulants, so that it will be suitable for people looking for a decent boost before a workout.

Wunderwaffe World War Edition pre-workout contains the following active compounds:

– Citrulline malate – Citrulline malate can be confidently described as a fundamental ingredient in pre-workout supplements. This is obviously due to its properties. This is because this compound can increase muscle endurance, which can translate, for example, into the number of repetitions performed. In addition, citrulline effectively intensifies muscle pumps.

– Taurine – taurine is another compound with exciting properties. Tests have shown that it affects, among other things, the balance of carbohydrate metabolism and, at the same time, regulates blood pressure and heart rate. Therefore, its action is essential for athletes in many respects.

– Glycerol monostearate – glycerol has the unique ability to retain water very effectively. For this reason, athletes often take glycerol during particularly intense training periods. All this is done to prevent dehydration and improve cellular hydration.

– Beta-alanine – beta-alanine is one of the most essential supplements for athletes. Its regular supplementation increases the level of carnosine in the muscles, which in turn increases their endurance. Beta-alanine can, therefore, also support the body’s overall performance levels.

– DMHA – DMHA has appeared on the market as a successor to DMAA. This compound has an equally effective stimulant effect, although its potential compared to DMAA is slightly lower.

– Eria Jarensis – numerous alkaloids with stimulating effects are found in this plant. Thus, they can help reduce perceived fatigue and prepare for the next workout.

– Creatine nitrate – creatine is a staple supplement for those looking to increase their strength and accelerate bodybuilding. However, creatine in the form of nitrate can also affect processes related to energy production in the body. In addition, it supports the work of the circulatory system.

– Agmatine sulfate is a proven compound for those aiming for the most robust muscle pump. This is because agmatine promotes nitric oxide synthesis while also dilating blood vessels.

– N-acetyl-L-tyrosine (NALT) – the benefits of supplementation with this compound mainly relate to improved mood and concentration. Researchers hypothesize that this may result from NALT’s effect on synthesizing certain hormones (such as dopamine).

– Anhydrous caffeine – the anhydrous form of caffeine is absorbed by the body to a greater extent. Therefore, its supplementation can guarantee a longer and more intense stimulation effect.

– Glucuronolactone is a compound that shows protective effects on liver cells and blood vessels. However, the critical point here is that glucuronolactone affects metabolic processes, so it can add energy and reduce perceived mental fatigue.

– L-norvaline – the most crucial feature of norvaline is that it acts as an arginase inhibitor, so its supplementation can increase arginine concentration. As a result, it can provide an even stronger muscle pump.

– Huperzine A – is a natural plant alkaloid that can support brain function. This is because huperzine increases acetylcholine levels in the nervous system. In turn, this leads to improvements in many cognitive abilities.

– Yohimbine HCL – yohimbine increases the efficiency of epinephrine and norepinephrine synthesis, thus providing a solid stimulant effect during physical activity.

– Piperine (95% active ingredient) – piperine is one of the few substances that can increase the absorption level of the supplements used.


The recommended dose is one scoop of Wunderwaffe World War Edition pre-workout (approximately 12 g). The measured portion should be mixed with water and drunk 20-30 minutes before training.

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